BRIJUNI exhibition “What should we know about climate change” launched

The exhibition “What should we know about climate change” was opened on August 25th and will remain until spring 2019 in the education center at Veliki Brijun island. The exhibition is open to general public and schools and kindergarten children and it covers topics such as what is climate change, what are the main causes and signs, what is happening in Croatia and at Brijuni, what is Brijuni doing to fight the changes and what can people do to help prevent further negative changes.

The exhibition consists of educational panels, interactive exhibit and an educational short movie developed by IUCN, one of the project partners.The opening was attended by Brijunis visitors, fishermen, scuba divers, local and regional authority representatives, local tourist communities, protected area employees and media.

It was also announced in local newspaper, on two different radio stations, national TV and several web based news portals.

The exhibition was developed as part of the MPA-Adapt project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg MED program. 

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