CAPITALIZATION CONFERENCE "Marine Protected Areas in the climate change era: challenges & opportunities"

The MPA-ADAPT project comes to its end with a final conference to be held on the 4-5 June 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

This final conference intends to capitalize the main results of the work undertaken during the project so as to enable the exchange of knowledge, experiences, learnings and good practices from the development of action plans for climate change adaptation and their integration into existing management frameworks of marine protected areas (MPA). The meeting will also be an opportunity to network with other MPA in the Mediterranean region who are interested in following the same process of developing adaptive management standards for climate change related issues.

The main focus of this conference will be to promote a policy dialogue among the main stakeholders around MPA (MPA managers, scientists, policy-makers, local socio-economic actors and general public interested in citizen science.

The execution of this project has spanned over a period of nearly 3 years, involving 5 Marine protected areas from 3 different Mediterranean countries.

Moreover the MPA ADAPT Project has allowed to:

  • monitor the effects of climate change with a set of fine-tuned protocols,
  • carry out climate change vulnerability assessments from a socio-economic and biodiversity perspective,
  •  improve the capacity and common knowledge with a training and data sharing programme.


For further information, please contact Joaquim Garrabou (