Annual meeting of Croatian protected area conservation experts

The MPA-Adapt was presented at the 12th annual meeting of Croatian protected area conservation experts held from the 24th to the 26th of October in Brijuni National Park, Croatia. The meeting was organized by the Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature and attended by 136 experts from 46 public institutions, NGOs and the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The aim of such a gathering is information sharing, exchange of experiences and education of professionals from conservation departments for a more efficient and consistent protection, preservation and promotion of sustainable use of protected areas. Organization of such meetings on regular time basis, attended by a large number of professionals, plays a very important role for the effectiveness of the nature protection system.

On the first day of the meeting Martina Hervat and Andrea Blašković presented the project to the Croatian conservation experts on behalf of Brijuni National Park, as one of MPA-Adapt project partners. The idea was to exchange information and experiences with other nature protected areas, promote the connection and exchange of knowledge created by this project, and support the application of the produced tools in other protected areas to better prepare for the upcoming outcomes of climate change.

The presenters highlighted the severity of change in marine ecosystems, particularly in areas such as the Mediterranean, identified a number of changes noted by marine conservationists in protected areas in the last few years and explained how other project partners include the issue of climate change within the planning and management of their protected areas. The audience expressed particular interest in the monitoring tools, and suggested some new ideas and funding sources for a possible continuation of the project. 

For further information: Andrea Blašković