New MPA-ADAPT video: Protected Areas in a changing environment

By showing how climate change is affecting marine and coastal ecosystems and the communities that live and enjoy these environments, this short video exposes the work of MPA-ADAPT project, on how we can help to adapt to climate change and the shifts that are needed.

The Mediterranean is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to the impacts to global warming.Through the eyes of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), the video, recently released, explains the big challenges that we are facing and the important role that MPAs play in climate change mitigation and adaption by helping to build its capacities.

The video calls the attention to the need of inclusion of key coastal actors such as local administrations, fishermen and divers in assisting MPA management plans and actions, and how they can contribute to integrated coastal management. A particular emphasis is put on the synergy between the natural world and the people who rely on it.

The video concludes how these pioneer MPAs will act as strings of a net in the transfer of their knowledge to other areas and the protection of the sea, fostering dialogue and coordination to address the challenges.

Please, share it, and help us to raise awareness on the challenges face by Marine Protected Areas and local communities in the Mediterranean.