PANACeA – a regional initiative of streamlining management efforts in Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea

Marseille is hosting the kick off meeting of the Streamlining Networking and Management efforts in Mediterranean Protected Areas for Enhanced Natural Conservation and Protection (PANACeA) project this week. The objectives of this meeting are to gather all participating partners belonging to the nine thematic projects focusing on biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean, and to set up a partnership and a work methodology in order to obtain the best results during the lifetime of the PANACeA project.

IUCN-Med is contributing to the kick off meeting by presenting its three modular projects: Sustainable management of the systems Posidonia-beaches in the Mediterranean region (PosbeMED), Guiding Mediterranean MPAs through the climate change era: building resilience and adaptation (MPA-ADAPT), and Fisheries governance in Marine Protected Areas 2 (FISH MPA2).

IUCN-Med and IUCN WCPA are also part of the advisory board of the PANACEA project, which has a key role in assisting and guiding the actions needed and in gathering additional networks and institutions to influence regional relevant policies more effectively.

This meeting is collaborative, contains an initial analysis and suggests a methodology that will best benefit the modular projects to achieve further transferability of their results. Moreover, by bringing together all the partners, it offers the opportunity to explore the possibility of collaboration for future joint events, to exchange knowledge and to facilitate targeted and coordinated actions for natural resources protection. Its main conclusions will consolidate the workflow among project partners and a common calendar of collaborative activities will be developed and will pave the way toward better project results.

PANACeA is a horizontal project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Med Programme and coordinated by the European Topic Centre for Spatial Information and Analysis at the University of Malaga.