PANACeA open seminar and interactive workshop

MPA-Adapt project partners ISPRA, Brijuni National Park and IUCN-Med participated in the event “Empowering the Mediterranean Community with tools for ecosystem-based management“ organized by the horizontal project PANACeA in Podgorica on 16-18 May 2018.

The event was divided into several sections: an open seminar, an interactive workshop and a discussion on the PANACeA Action Plan 2018-2019. The seminar aimed to highlight and transfer the latest knowledge, practical methodologies and tools developed by current EU and Mediterranean research, management and policy projects to stimulate a Mediterranean debate on ecosystem-based management and biodiversity conservation. Biljana Aljinovic from IUCN presented the tools used and developed in the framework of MPA-Adapt in the session on New Data, Strengthened Instruments for an Ecosystem-Based Approach. The presentation was supported by the intervention of Mirka Cerni and Andrea Blaskovic from Brijuni NP to illustrate the adaptation planning process that the pilot MPAs are undergoing in the framework of the project. The discussion that followed highlighted the importance of the maintenance of the tools beyond the duration of the projects in order to have a real impact for the larger community.

During the interactive workshop, a World Café session was organized to present selected tools from several Biodiversity Protection Community projects and the updates on the PANACeA Biodiversity Knowledge Platform. Stefania Chiesa from ISPRA presented the monitoring protocols and the web-based tools (TMedNet platform) used in MPA-Adapt and their practical application in the field, followed by a round-table discussion with the interested participants.

Finally, the discussion on PANACeA’s Action Plan 2018-2019 that took place on the last day of the event was focused on validating the following steps in the collaboration of the Modular projects with PANACeA, through the discussions in three working groups. Brijuni NP and ISPRA participated in the working group on Biodiversity Protection and Management, hosted by ETC-UMA. Ideas on the elaboration of several relevant documents (technical and policy papers) and participation at events for the following months were discussed. With this approach, PANACeA is aiming to give more visibility to the results and tools from Modular projects, with particular relevance on policy decision-making level.