Workshop on vulnerability assessments to Climate Change in Mediterranean MPAs

In the framework of the ‘Guiding Mediterranean MPAs through the climate change era: building resilience and adaptation’ (MPA-ADAPT) project, a capacity training workshop on vulnerability assessments to climate change in Mediterranean MPAs took place in Port Cros National Park (Hyeres, France) from 14-15 November 2017.

The goal of this 2-day workshop was to provide participants the knowledge and understanding on how to conduct and communicate vulnerability assessments of habitats, species and socio-economic aspects as part on building climate change adaptation plans.

The first day of the workshop addressed the concepts and components of vulnerability assessments and introduced participants to adaptive capacity assessments. The second day presented rapid adaptation strategies and other cost effective vulnerability assessments.

The training was addressed to Mediterranean MPA managers and staff involved in management activities and local administrations in the pilot areas of the project and other invited MPA.  The MPA-ADAPT project aims at building capacity for effective management, assessing risks and exploring potential actions and priorities needed to ensure the adaptability and resilience of biodiversity and local communities in the MPAs.